About Us

Vital Data Technology was founded in 2005 with the vision of “Providing timely access to insightful and actionable information to support decision-making that optimizes care and lowers cost throughout the continuum-of-care.”

We have been an early purveyor of cloud-based technologies for its unmatched capabilities to gather, share, and process care data across a broad network of participants involved with delivering quality care to a geographically dispersed population. Indeed, we were awarded patents for several of our innovations.

Our initial offering focused on emergency medical services because of its high need for immediate access and the ability to share up-to-date patient information across a network.

In 2007 we launched MyVitalData, an application-enabled service that delivers value to every stakeholder in the emergency care continuum: patients, first responders, hospitals and ER physicians.

In 2009 we sold our EMS assets and expanded our solution to work with Medicaid health plans. We now offer a comprehensive Platform-as-a-Service to provide technology, information infrastructure and services that support the entire continuum of care.

Today, we:

  • Aggregate millions of transactions every month
  • Support over a million Medicaid lives
  • Support thousands of physicians
  • Count numerous health plans and their care management teams as our customers
  • Access all available historical patient data from all sites of care: “360-degree” view of patient care activities
  • Have received NCQA Measure CertificationSM since 2014, including full certification for 2017