Affinity (noun)

The synergy among all stakeholders to leverage data, systems, analytics and quality metrics to improve care and lower cost in healthcare.

This is the failed promise of so many solutions in healthcare. Vital Data Technology is delivering on that promise by ensuring that all entities touching an individual’s healthcare have access to actionable intelligence. breaks down the silos of data and systems to provide all care interfaces with the best information. This actionable intelligence comes from your data using automated artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and machine learning in an always on real-time platform.

PlanLink™ • ProviderLink™ • MyVitalData™
Common to each of these:
  • Cloud architecture
  • Access to up-to-date, accurate and all available historical patient data from across all sites of care: “360-degree” view of patient care activities
  • Designed to complement and assist care workflow
  • Secure access, storage, and communications
  • Role-based user management access – authorized users only – with activity audit tracking
  • Integrated bi-directional communications / alerting between Platform and other Apps
  • Provider Engagement -Provider Score Carding
  • Configurable with flexible functionality
  • Rapid development and implementation of changes

PlanLink is command central for managing use and functionality of the platform. It is used and managed by the organizations accountable for care to provide ultimate control for use of the platform by all users through the other applications.

Users Include:
  • Plan Medical Directors
  • Disease-state managers
  • Nurse Triage
  • Quality Management
  • Case Managers
  • Provider Relations
  • Plan Executives & Administrators
  • Utilization Management
  • Reinsurers

CareSpace™ - the key to Engagement

Closing-the-Loop with patient data, case management, care providers and patients.

Regardless of your quality programing, it is always a team effort requiring all stakeholders (i.e. case managers, providers, patients…) along the continuum, each providing important and timely contributions. We facilitate many activities through applications that help guide, coordinate, gather or present information, and record critical actions. The platform is the primary means for all users to access its data, resources and services. Each is optimized for the role of the end user: patient data, communications/messaging, reports, forms, lists, workflows and functionality. Applications are highly configurable and as such are adaptable to the specific needs of the client’s user community.

  • Configuration control for all applications
  • Role-based configuration control for users – controls access to data and functionality
  • Functionality configuration control
  • Rules-based workflow automation configuration – control and coordination of bi-directional communication and messaging
  • Care Coordination Functionality
  • Case Management
  • Management of workflow, communication, activity recording

Mobile App and Member Portal

MyVitalData is the mobile application and the Member Portal is the browser-based resource used by the platform to engage patients and care givers. MyVitalData -a 360o view of patient medical information including recent encounters, conditions, eligibility, Rx, lab and disease management data.

Instead of relying solely on the Member Portal for facilitating communication of import care information, the Platform also engages the patient more directly through its mobile application for smartphones. Both provide interactive communications directly to patients as a true care coordination resource as well as delivers useful patient specific administrative information.

Users Include:
  • Members / Patients
  • Caregivers
  • Subscribers
  • Uni-directional messaging from care managers, and other plan based care providers
  • Primary Care Physician information: location mapping, operating hours
  • After Hours Care information: location mapping and operating hours
  • Alerting and reminders (e.g. Rx refills, HEDIS® services…)
  • Management of workflow, communication, activity recording
  • Access to Quality Management Platform’s patient’s summary:
    • Up-to-date patient history
    • current medications
    • lab results, recent tests
    • encounter history