“Working with Vital Data Technology has improved our capability to communicate targeted care gap interventions to physicians. This is beneficial to our members and physicians.”

Mary Dale Peterson, M.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Driscoll Health Plan

Do You Feel Like You’re Always Playing Catch-up?

Affinitē Quality gives you real-time insight to stay on top of HEDIS® year-round

One of the major frustrations many health plan quality management professionals share is the fact that the new year begins, while the former year’s HEDIS® season reporting is in full swing. This means Quality Insurance (QI) coordinators must keep track of how members are performing against HEDIS® measures in the current year, while “chasing cases” to meet reporting deadlines for the former year.

Time Spent On Low Priority, Tedious Tasks

Member encounter records for specific measures must be collected from providers, assigned to the member record and conformed in time for the HEDIS® submission deadline. This process is time consuming – especially when providers may be slow to send these records or the records that are sent are not aligned with plan needs. This process is often a series of faxing back and forth – consuming valuable time and taking quality management professionals off the task of managing to HEDIS® measures during the year.aluable time and taking quality management professionals off the task of managing to HEDIS® measures during the year.

Affinitē™ Quality Makes HEDIS® Score Improvement Achievable and Medical Record Review More Meaningful

Consider these factors when evaluating your HEDIS® Reporting process

    • HEDIS® Reporting The Old Way

    • “HEDIS® Season”reporting is always stressful because of the time consuming “case chases” and manual processes
    • When you start the year, you’re already playing catch-up
    • Prioritizing members is difficult due to the lack of real-time data aboutprovider encounters, labs and prescribed medications
    • Motivating providers to help close care gaps is difficult and tedious
    • “Case chases” are time consuming and often lack automation – manual faxes, filing of papers and the like waste time and increase error risk
    • Filing and tracking “faxes” and assigning them to the correct member is often manual, opening the door to accidental errors
    • Quality Improvement (QI) coordinators struggle to effectively manage case load due to manually-intensive processes
    • HEDIS® Reporting The Affinitē Quality Way

    • Always-on, year round HEDIS® measuresmanagement reduces or even alleviates “case chases,” making compliance reporting much easier and faster
    • Automated measure management from day one ensures current year scores are monitored during HEDIS® season reporting
    • Quality managers can set priorities based on the Quality Scorecard – providing insight into measure by measure compliance
    • The Affinitē suite includes ProviderLink™ – showing providers exactly how they are performing by measure every day, for every member patient
    • Measure-specific information requests are created automatically and sent from Affinitē Quality to providers, no more “standing at the fax machine”
    • Member encounter data is instantly scanned and attached to the member record. No more “tracking,” “scanning,” or “organizing” patient record data.
    • Save time and optimize your QI coordinators’ efforts using the built-in automation and always-on measure management.

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