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Making Health Care Data Actionable For Improved Outcomes

Overcome data silos and align departments and stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem with Affinitē™. One platform purpose-built to transform data into actionable insights to improve clinical and financial outcomes using data science techniques including artificial intelligence and advanced analytics integrated with embedded HEDIS® and risk adjustment logic.







Empowering Health Plans to Achieve Clinical, Quality and Financial Goals

Unifying Providers and Members by minimizing administrative burden and apathy

Synchronize provider communication for maximum member engagement. Alleviate overburdening your physicians with multiple requests and make every touch meaningful with transparent insight into your member’s gaps in care, quality and risk HCCs.

Enabling care managers, quality teams and risk professionals to directly communicate one source of truth about ever member’s next step intervention in one unified platform, Affinitē

How Affinitē™ Works

The Affinitē platform aggregates pre-built HEDIS® and health plan specific quality measures, risk model criteria and member-specific medical encounters, lab, prescription and plan defined data sources. Next, real-time data science techniques are applied. This platform instantly risk stratifies, segments and identifies actionable interventions to empower every stakeholder with a 360° view of member status, quality and risk performance.

How Affinitē Helps Health Plans Evolve

The Affinitē platform empowers health plans to effectively coordinate care across their population on one single platform. Affinitē uniquely processes traditional and non-traditional data sources, applying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to aggregate, identify and sub-group members. This process automatically prioritizes and determines next step actions for care coordinators through the Affinitē PlanLink module. Seamlessly integrated, Affinitē PlanLink, operationalizes the real-time data analysis across their entire population leading to improved quality, clinical and financial outcomes.

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Affinitē™ Is The New Era In Health Plan Care Coordination, Quality and Risk Management

The platform unifies stakeholders, data and systems to make member management a proactive process. This approach helps you align every aspect of the care continuum with the power of real-time artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to drive relevant member outcomes, strengthen provider relationships, perform higher in key quality areas and realize risk management improvements. It’s one platform, deployed as modules, with little burden on your resident technology staff since it’s deployed in the Cloud. Affinitē is designed to fit where you are in this new era of data-driven population management.


Empower your team with modular deployment, the ability to ingest structured and unstructured data – all without the burden of disrupting your current infrastructure. Rest assured member health data is secure with HIPAA compliant, HITRUST CSF Certified SaaS platform deployment for lower cost of ownership and enterprise class security.

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Real-Time Analytics


PlanLink leverages the Affinitē platform’s artificial intelligence data models and real-time analytics to identify and prioritize member sub-groups. Automated workflows identify interventions and provide systematic alerts notifying case managers, providers and members of next-step actions, while documenting every step. This allows you to instantly measure plan and provider performance against quality metrics and programs.

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Care Management


Seamlessly integrate network physicians into the plan sponsored care management process with communications and alerts to align health plan goals with provider behavior for closure of HEDIS® care gaps, astute medication compliance, effective ER utilization and more. Physicians have a 360° view of every member’s encounters, pharmacy and lab results, thus removing traditional communication barriers for optimized plan and provider cooperation.

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Provider Management


Updates to the Hierarchical Conditions Category (CMS-HCC and HHS-HCC) models must be implemented to optimize your risk adjustment for maximum reimbursement. Affinitē Risk uses artificial intelligence and automation to continuously adjust risk for your population for accurate payer and provider reimbursement.

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Risk Adjustment Solutions


Directly engage members on any mobile device using systematic “alerts” in app. Providers are notified of necessary member interventions and both parties have a 360° view of the member’s complete care profile including pharmacy, clinical and lab results. Members may also store personal information, perform provider searches and more.

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Affinitē Quality provides one solution for all your quality programs including NCQA’s HEDIS® scores, CAHPS, CMS Star, and plan specific programs. Alleviate care gaps when they happen by staying ahead of them with member- specific prioritized insights. We take HEDIS® from a process measurement to outcomes and results. Data, stakeholders and systems must be aligned to optimize member outcomes.

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Affinitē Quality

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5 Years of NCQA HEDIS® Certification