Care Coordination
CareSpace™ - the key to Engagement

Closing-the-Loop with patient data, case management, care providers and patients.

Regardless of your quality programing, it is always a team effort requiring all stakeholders (i.e. case managers, providers, patients…) along the continuum, each providing important and timely contributions. We facilitate many activities through applications that help guide, coordinate, gather or present information, and record critical actions. The Vital Affinitē™ platform is the primary means for all users to access its data, resources and services. Each is optimized for the role of the end user: patient data, communications/messaging, reports, forms, lists, workflows and functionality. Applications are highly configurable and as such are adaptable to the specific needs of the client’s user community.

  • Configuration control for all applications
  • Role-based configuration control for users – controls access to data and functionality
  • Functionality configuration control
  • Rules-based workflow automation configuration – control and coordination of bi-directional communication and messaging
  • Care Coordination Functionality
  • Case Management
  • Management of workflow, communication, activity recording


Vital Affinitē excels at managing secure communications among all stakeholders. Whether it is a directed message or a broadcast message to multiple recipients initiated by an algorithm that routes it through different media, soliciting and monitoring prescribed actions, the platform has enormous capabilities to meet the specific needs of its clients:

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous messaging
  • Email, messaging, application to application and fax
  • Mobile application (both Android and IOS)
  • Auditable record of communication history
  • HIPAA compliant

Population Health Management

Integration and automation of all care data from across all sites of care, combined with the ability to practically engage all stakeholders and patients, is essential to population health management AND a core capability of the Vital Affinitē platform.

Because we continuously collect, organize and present all obtainable patient activity histories from all sites of care for the managed population, Vital Affinitē has the most complete profiles available for each patient’s care, and, more importantly, gaps in care.

To make this information accessible and “practical”, the Vital Affinitē enables applications and rules-driven automated communication workflows which we call CareFlow Automation. This means it initiates and manages communications and data flow between appropriate stakeholders (e.g. patient, primary care, case managers…) based upon client-defined criteria or algorithms. Bi-directional communications in the form of alerts, notifications, updates and requests are delivered through the user-specific applications, e-mails, or text messaging. CareFlow Automation™ can require recipients to reply, acknowledge or take specific actions, with the entire communication thread documented in the patient profile by the platform. According to the needs of clients, CareFlow Automation can manage complex communications between multiple participants managing a series of interactions.

Even the most complex patient population management activities can be simplified and more easily managed through the Vital Affinitē.