Affinitē is the Vital Data Technology platform that leverages the relationships and data among stakeholders accountable for a patient/members care. Applying Artificial Intelligence and embedding always-on analytics throughout Affinitē automates identification and prioritization of high risk populations. CareFlow automation using proprietary rules and triggers ensures the right action is taken at the right time….even extending your reach beyond your internal resources.

Whether it is simply identifying basic care activities that trigger specific interventions, or complex, member-specific care coordination activities that involve multiple stakeholders and frequent coordination with the patient, Affinitē delivers a comprehensive set of automated resources and functionality that augment the requisite CareFlows, making them routine and manageable.

Affinitē augments well-designed workflows by

  • Using analytics to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Embedding analytics to automate data-driven steps
  • Automatically informing, prompting, soliciting actions via the most effective communication means
  • Automating progression of workflow
  • Monitoring workflow progress and activities
  • Triggering care interventions by appropriate stakeholders or new activities based upon responses (or non-response)
  • Generating dashboards and reports that provide feedback about workflow activities
  • Aggregating members’ claims and clinical data from all sites of care
  • Normalizing and analyzing data for risk stratification that supports predictive decision-making and deployment of resources
  • Managing communications that drives collaboration among all care providers
  • Facilitating member engagements in care activities

Affinitē™ is a Platform as a Service (PaaS), cloud-based solution for data capturing, processing, reporting, application deployment, communications and analysis. Users access capabilities and resources through applications specifically tailored to the end users’ needs:

  • Health Plans - PlanLink™
  • Health Services Providers - ProviderLink™
  • Patients - MyVitalData™
Key features include:
  • Member care data gathering, processing, storage from all available sites of care including: claims, clinical, PBM, laboratories, case management notes
  • Collecting, organizing and applying non-traditional information (e.g. socio-economic, geographic, demographic…) to care decisions
  • Data analytics and reporting, including score-carding and dashboards
  • Bi-directional, rules-driven automated communications to all stakeholders across the entire care continuum
  • Open-ended scalability
  • Rules-driven business process automation – CareFlow Automation™
  • Embedded, predictive analytics
  • Networked data communication services
  • Rapid user-specific applications development, deployment and management
  • Single accessible database with user-specific views and access

Reporting & Analytics

The Affinitē report library offers more than the standard set of reports you would expect for reviewing and monitoring patient care history (e.g., HEDIS®, disease/care management…). We capture a broader set of patient data and have accumulated experience with our clients who have tapped into the broader database. This enables us to offer reports that provide a complete and up-to-date summary of patient care activity, detail progress of care based upon algorithms this helps providers become more efficient and effective, increasing their revenue.

Our quality, operational and financial reports include:

  • HEDIS®
  • Medication Compliance and utilization
  • Case Management
  • Pediatric Quality Indicators
  • Disease Management
  • Utilization Metrics

We are continually adding to the report library, utilizing client requests that have helped define useful analytics. Appropriate presentation and application of analytical results are critical. Accordingly, we offer a range of outputs:

  • Reports
  • Benchmarking
  • Dashboards
  • Automated notifications,
  • Scorecards
  • Alerts and requests for action


Partnerships that affects change.

Our Affinitē clients solve complex and important problems, far beyond our original engagements. We provide expert services that work with clients to develop effective solutions that leverage the capabilities of the platform. In addition to a continuously expanding set of general applications and reports for the plans, providers and patients, the Platform offers unmatched capabilities and responsiveness to develop and deploy new, client-specific applications, reports and actions to complement and enable new initiatives.

It is our goal to ensure our clients realize the full potential of their data across their continuum of care through the Platform, to help them exceed their goals in quality improvement and cost reduction.

What this means for your

  • Improve HEDIS® scores
  • Improved Primary Care Physician engagement
  • Provider HEDIS® incentive initiatives
  • Resolve physician “not my patient” issues
  • ER utilization improvement
  • Coordinated outreach between hospital and plan case managers
  • Enable and enhance disease specific collaboration
  • Improve medication compliance
  • Improve Provider Engagement -Provider Score Carding
  • Improved Patient Engagement through Mobile App

PlanLink is command central for managing use and functionality of the Affinitē™ platform. It is used and managed by the organizations accountable for care to provide ultimate control for use of the platform by all users through the other applications.

Users Include:
  • Plan Medical Directors
  • Disease-state managers
  • Nurse Triage
  • Quality Management
  • Case Managers
  • Provider Relations
  • Plan Executives & Administrators
  • Utilization Management
  • Reinsurers


ProviderLink is a collaborative communication tool to engage physicians and other providers regarding important care management initiatives; including HEDIS® notices, medication compliance, ER utilization and more. Help your providers take action on meaningful and actionable information to improve quality of care and lower costs, impacting positive member behavior and quality outcomes. Engage your members with care initiatives from their patient-centric viewpoint. Interact and communicate with your members, improving care coordination and care management initiatives. Messages are sent directly to members, establishing a vital communication link between health plan care managers, PCPs and your member.

The primary care physician is the frontline of care management and coordination, so active participation in quality programs and initiatives is essential. But the demands on physicians are already overwhelming to the point that participation in new initiatives is limited, especially ones viewed as administrative.

We have taken great care to design ProviderLink and associated interactions to require minimum effort and time for maximum benefits through alignment of goals and incentives. The application helps physicians to make better decisions and coordinate care through timely communication of information available from the Platform. In addition, the application helps physician's practices become more efficient by helping to monitor, organize and prioritizes care and administrative activities as well as identify opportunities to grow their practice.

Users Include
  • Primary Care Physicians and their staff (clinical and administrative)
  • Specialists and their staff (clinical and administrative)
  • Social Workers
  • Community Care Coordinators
  • Care Navigators
  • Access to Affinity's patient summary:
  • Up-to-date patient history
  • Narcotic lockdown flag
  • Current medications with refill status
  • Lab results, recent tests
  • Encounter history
  • Automatic alerting and workflow initiation for care coordination with case managers and other providers and patients/care-givers
  • Real-time documentation care activities to patient records
  • Drive performance accountability
  • Notify, organize prioritize HEDIS® measures activities
  • HEDIS® Score-carding
  • ER visit notifications

Mobile App and Member Portal

MyVitalData is the mobile application and the Member Portal is the browser-based resource used by the Affinitē™ platform to engage patients and care givers. MyVitalData -a 360o view of patient medical information including recent encounters, conditions, eligibility, Rx, lab and disease management data.

Instead of relying solely on the Member Portal for facilitating communication of import care information, the Platform also engages the patient more directly through its mobile application for smartphones. Both provide interactive communications directly to patients as a true care coordination resource as well as delivers useful patient specific administrative information.

Users Include:
  • Members / Patients
  • Caregivers
  • Subscribers
  • Uni-directional messaging from care managers, and other plan based care providers
  • Primary Care Physician information: location mapping, operating hours
  • After Hours Care information: location mapping and operating hours
  • Alerting and reminders (e.g. Rx refills, HEDIS® services…)
  • Management of workflow, communication, activity recording
  • Access to Quality Management Platform’s patient’s summary:
    • Up-to-date patient history
    • current medications
    • lab results, recent tests
    • encounter history