Our Approach
Our Approach To The Challenge

Healthcare technology vendors all begin to sound the same. How does Vital Data Technology differentiate themselves? We believe that healthcare has become too egocentric. Stakeholders procure systems that provide a singular benefit, technology vendors sell point product solutions that are only designed for a single purpose or for an individual benefit. At Vital Data Technology, we provide solutions for those accountable for quality and cost of healthcare, while benefiting all stakeholders that interact with a patient and can affect a positive outcome.

Data is siloed in healthcare, but so are systems and solutions. The solutions are not being leveraged for the greater good of the healthcare ecosystem. At Vital Data Technology, we have broken down the silos of data and we are breaking down the silos of systems, enabling a more productive impact on the healthcare system. Vital Data Technology uses data to provide insight and actionable intelligence through an automated and coordinated interlaced platform of applications.

Aggregate, Identify, Risk Stratify, Automate, Collaborate and Engage

Population-based strategies manage health care services across all sites of care.
These require capabilities that:

  • Aggregate – Capture and organize all patient care data as well as relevant non-traditional information that affects care decisions
  • Identify – Focus on key conditions for targeted improvement
  • Risk Stratify – Stratify and manage risk
  • Automate – Provide always-on embedded analytics to continuously adjust and support decision making while guiding complex workflows that manage care delivery
  • Collaborate and Engage – Facilitate and encourage collaboration, engagement and communications among stakeholders