The AI module is an automated, machine-learning, predictive analytics platform. Our platform provides real-time, automated, actionable intelligence.

Understanding what causal indicators lead to a specific outcome is only one component of a predictive analytics solution. While most vendors use analytics to create an actionable list, Vital Data Technology embeds the algorithms into the platform. We implement real time predictive analytics solution into actionable interventions that drive outcomes. We differentiate ourselves by putting all stakeholders on the same page at the same time.

The AI platform offers embedded analytics and algorithms married to actionable interventions, where sources outside your traditional management are enabled to help coordinate care.

Data Aggregation

Data is omnipresent, but the industry has yet to leverage data readily available to help drive improved outcomes. Understanding how data lives and breathes can be challenging. Marrying traditional data sources with non-traditional and unstructured data sources requires approaching the data with both bias and non-bias to uncover previously unidentifiable correlations. We accomplish this by utilizing a wide-ranging supply of tools and capabilities to not just access the data but to make the data useable for insight and actionable intelligence.

AI / Machine Learning

There is nothing artificial about Artificial Intelligence. AI is very real and utilizes machine learning to continuously improve models and outcomes.

Vital differentiation includes:

  • Embedded analytics
  • CareFlow™ Automation
  • Multiple predictive analytic models and tools
  • Structured and unstructured data sets
  • Conventional and non-conventional data sets
Pre-term delivery
Opioid overuse
Unnecessary utilization of antibiotics

The Vital Data Technology team provides end-to-end consulting and professional services for all aspects of healthcare stakeholders who are accountable for cost and quality. We have deep knowledge of how healthcare data lives and breathes. This knowledge allows us to deploy the best predictive analytic tools for the problems we collectively are solving together.