Affinitē™ Quality

Vital Data Technology offers 100% coverage of all HEDIS® 2017 reporting measures. We ensure your submissions are accurate and fully compliant with all regulatory standards. Rather than simply addressing HEDIS® as a historical overview of quality improvement activities, we have developed many opportunities to significantly improve scores, which can bring higher quality of care to individuals at a lower cost to your organization, resulting in a healthier population.


Our Quality module is a seamlessly integrated and innovative solution for all your quality initiatives, including HEDIS®, CAHPS, CMS Star, and AHRQ, offering support to year-round compliance efforts. Additionally, we provide development services to meet all individual customer needs for customization, as well as Federal and state-specific guidelines and submissions.

Managing the HEDIS® lifecycle is a complicated process, and can be administratively difficult. As your partner, Vital Data Technology will give you a platform for Reporting and Analytics, Audit Management, Submissions, Medical Record Review and Professional Services/Consulting, which will give your organization the resources needed to efficiently build and maintain high quality ratings.

Reporting and Analytics

Through our integrated suite of solutions, we enable organizations to track, monitor and improve their HEDIS® and other quality performance goals. Our reporting system gives you everything needed to streamline and manage all your quality improvement initiatives from end-to-end.

The Quality module offers self-service, user-friendly, interactive, and actionable reports, designed to help organizations efficiently and effectively identify their greatest areas of risk, monitor changes, manage progress toward goals, compare results between measurement periods, provider groups, or reporting populations, and produce worklists as needed for outside stakeholders. Our reporting system offers deep drill-down capabilities to the population, provider group, employer, individual, or reviewer level. These reports include:

  • Comprehensive measure dashboards of current progress via lists, charts, and graphs
  • Month/Month, Quarter/Quarter, and Year/Year Comparisons
  • Member-Specific Gaps in Care, proactively identifying individuals with upcoming care needs
  • Provider-Specific patient/member detail for outreach, empowering providers to improve quality results
  • Pay for Performance and Provider Incentives
  • Custom reports to fill internal and other reporting needs

Audit Management

Auditors are provided access to the platform which includes a journal. The journal shares all deliverables and deadlines for plan, auditor, vendor and NCQA. This includes historical documentation of all reports, roadmap, Member-Level Detail (MLD), Patient Level Detail (PLD) auditor on-site visit, validate full compliance and exclusion reports. This ensures auditors, supervisors, and vendor are always on the same page.


The Quality module offers self-service access to Preliminary Rate Review (PRR), Patient-Level Detail (PLD) files, Member-Level Detail (MLD) files, and Interactive Data Submission System (IDSS) files for submission to your auditor and all regulatory agencies. Additionally, we can create custom submission files to meet any state-specific requirements.

Medical Record Review

Many organizations use outside vendors for medical record review and abstraction, which can be costly and time-consuming. Effectively and efficiently managing the MRR process ensures all MRR review needs are met and any data issues that may impact results are quickly and accurately resolved. The Vital Data Medical Record Review (MRR) platform offers organizations the ability to perform timely quality review and analysis of medical records, which is critical to meeting deadlines, achieving the highest quality scores, and putting your organization at ease during the hectic HEDIS® season.

Vital Data’s MRR chart review platform includes:

  • User-friendly, efficient documentation of MRR retrievals and abstractions
  • Ability to capture year-round medical record review findings as supplemental data (e.g. exclusions and notation of compliant activity prior to the measurement year or prior to the member joining your organization)
  • Storage (with auto-expiration) of all supplemental data and exclusions to be used in subsequent measurement periods
  • Ability to customize chase lists (e.g. removing certain TINs, individual providers, or places of service from the chase list)
  • Electronic uploading and storage of medical records within a secured environment, which are attached to the measure/member, for easy access by your auditor, quality reviewers, or other internal staff
  • Seamless integration of hybrid results back to the full HEDIS® reporting engine, minimizing interruptions due to data transfer

Professional Services / Consulting

Vital Data’s professional team brings deep healthcare and quality improvement knowledge, as well as industry process expertise, to help organizations to achieve their most critical business and quality improvement goals. We offer end-to-end support to help clients maximize data and processes to improve results. Our team includes subject matter experts with diverse expertise, and many years of experience, in all areas of healthcare. With professionals having vast industry knowledge of medical and regulatory compliance, quality improvement, and Business Intelligence (BI)/Analytics, we offer unique, best-practice insights for all of our clients’ business needs.