Access Health Services Streamlines NCQA HEDIS® Compliance and Achieves 100% Visibility Into Measure Performance Year-Round With Affinitē Quality™

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Enables Proactive Care Gap Closure Year-Round For Medicare Advantage Managed Services Organization

Key Outcomes

  • Successfully completed NCQA HEDIS® submissions on-time with no biased rates (BR)
  • Saved time by replacing manual processes, like tracking faxes with an Excel spreadsheet, with digital automation
  • Easily trained users on critical software in record time
  • Achieved 100% visibility into measure-by-measure performance by leveraging Quality Scorecard
  • Gained up-to-the-minute data for proactive decision-making to fine-tune HEDIS® measure performance year-round

“The communication and spirit of true partnership cannot be beat. I’ve been in the medical world for 24 years, and Vital Data Technology is the best vendor I’ve ever worked with on any platform because of the amazing responsiveness of the team.”

Dawn Drennan, PAHM, Chief Quality Officer 

The Company
Access Health Services is a Managed Services Organization (MSO) for Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid support companies, non-governmental health plans, and providers across the country. Their à la carte services support claims, enrollment, case management, quality improvement, and other critical healthcare processes.

Dawn Drennan, Chief Quality Officer, sees a close relationship between Case Management and Quality Improvement (QI), and strives to align their affiliated plans’ member care with HEDIS and plan-defined quality measures. She helps people across departments, from enrollment to appeals, understand how their roles and processes impact these factors.  

The Challenge
Dawn was eager to find a replacement for her company’s existing quality management and compliance software. For example, while working with her previous software vendor to meet a HEDIS® submission timeline, they opened a support ticket and learned it would take two weeks to fix the issue. As a result, they were forced to file a biased rate even though they had sound data in place. 

The Access Health Services team wanted a responsive QI software vendor who could help them meet critical deadlines and get clients the highest quality scores possible. They also wanted to solve several key problems with their existing software including:

  • Learning and using the software was burdensome 
  • Deriving value from software outside of HEDIS® season was nearly impossible
  • Time-wasting manual processes, like sending faxes, reduced productivity

The Solution
Access Health Services partnered with Vital Data Technology (VDT) to adopt Affinitē Quality™ as their new QI solution. Dawn is now on a first-name basis with her Affinitē™ platform support team, who have been available to answer questions and fix issues every step of the way. When HEDIS® season rolled around and Access Health Services needed assistance making a deadline, the VDT support team was truly partnered with Access Health Services to ensure a smooth submission process and avoid former issues like being forced to post a biased rate.

Beyond the tremendous customer care, Affinitē Quality™ provided these key benefits and solutions:

  • The ability to run the metrics throughout the year, not just quarterly, for always-on HEDIS® score measurement 
  • Easy to use, intuitive software that employees can learn within 15 minutes
  • Highly organized end-user interface to prioritize tasks and boost productivity
  • Time-saving, built-in workflows and efficiencies, such as automated faxing and instant member encounter data collection
  • A reliable, highly responsive support team

The Results
Since adopting and implementing Affinitē Quality™, Access Health Services is now able to: 

  • Engage every employee with the HEDIS® measures 
  • Gain insights from year-round measurement
  • Be proactive and make changes to directly impact QI
  • Enjoy faster, more accurate compliance reporting
  • Realize improved HEDIS® scores for their clients

Affinitē Quality™ gives us the power of information so we can be proactive instead of being reactive. I can make changes today that will impact our measurements when we need them.”

Dawn Drennan, PAHM, Chief Quality Officer 

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