Affinitē MyVitalData® App Instantly Engages Members and Caregivers

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“The vast majority of Americans – 95% – now own a cellphone of some kind.
The share of Americans that own smartphones is now 77%.”

- Pew Research Center

Affinitē MyVitalData® App Gives You The Power To Connect and Your Members the Power to Know

Care coordinators are only successful in improving outcomes when they inform and engage health plan members of next-step interventions. This can be a particularly daunting task when those insured are young, in rural areas or suffer from chronic illness.

The Affinitē MyVitalData® app streamlines care coordination in multiple ways. First, members and their caregivers are instantly notified in-app of actionable interventions via appointment reminders. Secondly, the app provides members and those that care for them with a real-time, convenient, 360° view of their complete encounter history along with laboratory and prescription data. Finally, the app automatically aligns health plan care coordinators, members, caregivers and providers for improved health management.


Involve, Inform and Engage Members and Their Caregivers

Now your care managers’ interventions are instantly pushed to your members via the Affinitē MyVitalData® App

Connect Everyone Involved

Add members and their caregivers to the registered mobile device so everyone has access to the complete view of the member’s healthcare information.

Geo-locate Healthcare Providers

Search for health plan providers based on the member’s location. Each provider will display with a map and directions.

360° View of Member Care History

Instantly see the member’s complete record of provider encounters, labs, prescriptions, immunizations and more within the HIPAA compliant secure mobile app.

In-App Notifications of Interventions

Now health plan care coordinators can easily send members messages about priority interventions.

Secure, Virtual Physician Visits

Members and caregivers can participate in secure virtual visits with providers anytime, anywhere.

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5 Years of NCQA HEDIS® Certification