Affinitē ProviderLink Aligns Payers and Providers

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Making Providers Your Partner

How Affinitē ProviderLink Aligns Health Plans and Providers

Give your health plan’s providers a real-time prioritized list of patient care gaps with recommended next-step interventions that align with HEDIS® score improvement targets while attaining HCC risk management thresholds. Traditional multi-touch care and quality management communications are streamlined which helps in maintaining long-term positive relationships with every provider in your contracted network

Health Plan Goals

Health plan can easily align providers with health plan quality improvement goals for strategic HEDIS® measures. Affinitē ProviderLink uses artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to identify, stratify and prioritize members and their care gaps.

Improve Member Compliance

Often, members may not be in compliance with certain measures, which could have a negative outcome. Affinitē ProviderLink solves this challenge by giving providers a specific list of patients to engage and each intervention needed at the time of service. This helps members stay on track with their health, reduces provider abrasion and accelerates HEDIS® medical record review compliance.

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Provider and Patient Alignment

The provider web portal shows the real-time, prioritized list of health plan members who are their patients, and the members’ next-step intervention required for HEDIS® compliance (or other quality metric). Affinitē ProviderLink also enables providers to set reminders, see all member care notes, lookup medical records, view Emergency Department (ERD) encounters, see patient health information and provide medical records to the health plan for review.

Provider and Health Plan Collaboration

By prioritizing the list of members providers see, Affinitē ProviderLink ensures more member patients are brought into compliance faster. This approach aligns provider actions with plan goals for improved member outcomes and provider relationships.


Health Plan Finds Success Using
Affinitē ProviderLink For Payer,
Provider Alignment

Payer Aligns with Providers To Improve Key HEDIS® Measures By As Much As 9% With Affinitē ProviderLink

A non-profit, community based health plan selected Vital Data Technology’s Affinitē ProviderLink solution to more closely align providers. Since the plan offered STAR Medicaid, STAR Kids, CHIP and CHIP Perinatal coverage, improving provider compliance with Annual Well Child Visit measures targeting adolescents and younger patients, AWC and W34, were their top priorities.

ProviderLink made it possible for the health plan to automatically prioritize HEDIS® measure interventions for each of their providers’patients. This process was formerly manual and required multiple calls and faxes back and forth to providers. Now, these interventions were communicated instantly thru the ProviderLink™ web-portal. When logged in, providers saw complete case management history, clinical, lab, pharmacy, emergency department visits and visits to other providers, even outside of their network.

Providers leveraged this 360° view of the member’s health via ProviderLink to rapidly close care gaps and send medical records updates to the health plan with one-click year-round, alleviating time consuming case chases during “HEDIS® season.”

12-Month Study Of Affinitē ProviderLink's Impact On Key HEDIS® Measures



In compliance scores for physicians using Affinitē ProviderLink for Annual Well Child Visit for dolescents 12-21 years (AWC) , compared to non-user providers.


Higher Compliance

For physicians using Affinitē ProviderLink for Annual Well Cild Visit for children 3-6 years (W34), compared to non-user providers.

Accelerate your health plan’s path to faster care gap closure and positive provider relationships. Reach out to our team today and we’ll show you how you can leverage automation and advanced analytics to identify, stratify and prioritize your members to help those most in need of interventions and achieve quality improvements.

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