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Data Science Tools Improve COVID-19 Care for Those Vulnerable to Social Determinants of Health Factors

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Key Benefits Include Outreach, Education, Prioritization Last month, we discussed how strong data analysis can help care managers identify patients who are at greater risk from COVID-19 owing to social determinants of health (SDoH). SDoH, the societal, demographic, and economic variables that affect a person’s wellbeing, include access to healthcare, where they live and work, the availability and affordability of …

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COVID-19’s Emergence in Infants – Impact on Care Management

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With the emergence of positive COVID-19 cases in infants over the past several months, how should the care manager support expecting and newly delivered moms in their efforts to keep themselves and their babies safe from COVID-19?  A two-pronged approach that allows the mom to voice her concerns and fears while arming her and her household with the information they …

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COVID-19 Highlights Data Science’s Role in Care for Members with Chronic Conditions

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Data Collection and Analysis Critical in Optimizing Telemedicine A recent article in the American Journal of Managed Care makes the case that COVID-19 provides a strong impetus for expanding the use of clinical registries and virtual care delivery to health plan members with chronic diseases. The physician authors outlined a paradigm that incorporates “real-time clinical registries…a range of synchronous and …

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Summary of NCQA’s HEDIS® 2021 Changes and New COVID-19 Technical Specifications

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In its continuing efforts to help health plans focus on quality care and respond to the challenges of COVID-19, NCQA has adopted sweeping changes to its HEDIS® measurement and reporting guidelines. Vital Data Technology has compiled and analyzed these changes and offers this overview of what plans should be aware of throughout the measurement year. Changes to the metrics fall …

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Members Affected by SDoH Factors Revealed Sooner Using Data Science

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Care Managers Streamline Risk Stratification & Prioritization As we noted in our former blog post on ways health plans are using data science to proactively identify high-risk diabetics in the COVID-19 fight, members subject to SDoH factors are similarly difficult to identify and prioritize in real-time.   Inspecting COVID-19’s Impact on Members Affected by Social Determinants of Health Factors  While social …