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Video Blog on COVID-19 Impact on Risk Scores

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Health Plans so far have been spared much of the financial harm caused by COVID-19. The pandemic has quashed primary and elective healthcare visits, limiting the amount plans have had to pay. But financial headwinds are targeting payers in 2021 and 2022. Most analysts expect health plans to see at least a 5 percent reduction in revenues as a result …

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Data Science Tools Improve COVID-19 Care for Those Vulnerable to Social Determinants of Health Factors

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Key Benefits Include Outreach, Education, Prioritization Last month, we discussed how strong data analysis can help care managers identify patients who are at greater risk from COVID-19 owing to social determinants of health (SDoH). SDoH, the societal, demographic, and economic variables that affect a person’s wellbeing, include access to healthcare, where they live and work, the availability and affordability of …

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NCQA Finalizes HEDIS® Telehealth Framework, Goals and Resources

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As I noted in a previous blog post, NCQA has acted swiftly to adjust HEDIS® requirements to reflect the treatment and outreach challenges presented by COVID-10. Striving to limit healthcare professionals’ exposure to the virus, the new guidelines for outpatient care through video and telephone calls and readings from in-home monitors. Self-isolation recommendations and many patients’ reluctance to travel for …

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NCQA Alters Telehealth Standards in Wake of COVID-19

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The complications in care delivery brought about by COVID-19 has prompted NCQA to adopt significant changes to more than three dozen of its widely used HEDIS® measures governing telehealth. In a previous post, we discussed how with the right data tools Quality and Care Management teams can prioritize members with chronic diseases who would benefit from treatment and outreach provided …

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COVID-19’s Emergence in Infants – Impact on Care Management

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With the emergence of positive COVID-19 cases in infants over the past several months, how should the care manager support expecting and newly delivered moms in their efforts to keep themselves and their babies safe from COVID-19?  A two-pronged approach that allows the mom to voice her concerns and fears while arming her and her household with the information they …