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Learn Why Consecutive Years of NCQA Certification Is Important

3 Reasons Why Choosing a HEDIS®  Vendor With Consecutive NCQA Certification Is Worthwhile

Accurate, complete HEDIS® data collection, measurement, and reporting are critical for health plans to generate client trust, create positive results, and improve quality. NCQA aids plans in selecting their data partners by auditing collection logic based on their information systems capabilities and HEDIS specifications. Certification verifies a vendor has complied with these standards and tells health plans they can confidently use the vendor’s platform as its compliance mechanism.

Time-Tested Reliability

Only a select few vendors achieve certification and doing so for consecutive years is the domain of an even more exclusive group. Vital Data Technology is proud to have seven consecutive years of certification. This run demonstrates our commitment to service and our willingness to put in the work required to update our code to meet ever-changing HEDIS regulations. Our approach aligns care management with other plan objectives:

  • Provider Communication
  • Risk Adjustment,
  • Member Engagement

This integration enables year-round care gap closure, an approach that continues to pass the test of time. Newly certified vendors, on the other hand, have not demonstrated a firm, long-term grasp of the regulations. Health plans should be wary of committing to a platform and methodology that may not be able to maintain certification or adjust to new regulatory requirements and measurements.

Zero Recertifications

Not only has Vital Data Technology maintained uninterrupted certification for seven years, NCQA has never requested we recertify any measures. This shows payers that our HEDIS management and submission solution remains the reliable solution for driving improved treatment outcomes and revenues. NCQA requires certified vendors to recertify whenever it finds lapses in the integrity of the software code. These flaws can prove significant, especially if they occur in widely reported categories such as well-child visits or antibiotic utilization. Partnering with a platform that is required to recertify can throw a health plan into disarray. The plan will be forced to make unforeseen – and unbudgeted – corrections to its data collection and reporting process.

Year-Round Gap Management

Vital Data Technology helps payers segment populations to better target members and physicians. This stimulates communication with physicians groups and patients to create care management reminders so health plans can close gaps throughout the year, not only during the reporting period. Our platform streamlines and expedites HEDIS reporting and submissions, automating time-consuming and labor-intensive medical record retrieval so care providers can schedule often-overlooked healthcare visits:

  • Well-child
  • Prenatal
  • Advance Care Planning
  • Age-based vaccinations
  • Diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol management
  • Prescription Management 

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Kelly Cieciorka MPA, HSA
Director of Quality

Kelly is the Director of Quality and Product Owner of Affinitē Quality™. She is responsible for guiding the quality product’s development and partnering with customers for successful implementation and optimization of the solution. Affinitē Quality is Vital Data Technology’s year-round HEDIS® and plan-defined quality management and submission module fully certified by NCQA for 2020 HEDIS measures.

She graduated from the University of San Francisco with a master’s degree in public administration. She has an undergraduate degree in pre-med and biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

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