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Our mission is to enable health plans to better manage care, quality outcomes and risk management without the limitation of time-consuming and costly customizations and technology workarounds required by most closed systems utilized for care management, risk adjustment and quality management.

Rather, we take a seamless, streamlined approach facilitated by a suite of real-time APIs, EDI transactions to custom web services and flat file exchanges. We make these available to our partners – enabling our Affinitē platform to go farther by seamlessly aligning with market-leading technology.

Extend Your Value

Make innovation possible with operational excellence in quality management, risk adjustment or care management – extend beyond your core business by integrating with an open platform aligned to core payer functions and powerful enough to ingest over 1000 data types.



Think of Affinitē as a “clinical ERP,” where your technology can easily move data into and out of the platform while securely sharing data in a HIPAA, HiTrust environment hosted in the Azure Cloud.



Align with well-known clients and position your organization to deliver solutions beyond the status quo.



Drive value for your payer clients with Affinitē – the industry’s only end-to-end clinical ERP aligning care management, quality and risk management in one platform.

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