The Cure For America’s Healthcare Crisis Is Found In The Power Of Alignment

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America’s healthcare system is in crisis.  The problem is complex. While they are all intertwined, the egocentric behavior of payers, providers, employers, and governmental branches weighs down an already bloated system.  Each stakeholder seeks to achieve specific goals in the zero-sum pursuit of individual returns. This egocentricity continues to drive costs up at an unsustainable rate. Case and point, over the past four decades, per capita health spending increased 30-fold totaling $3.5 trillion, representing 17.9 percent of our nation’s gross domestic product.

Does Healthcare In America Have A Cure?

Yes. But it cannot be healed by sustaining the status quo.  Stakeholder behaviors and the technology they use must change.  To lower costs while improving quality, payers and providers must have a complete picture of every member’s care.  Likewise, members must have access to their medical history and be empowered to manage their own well-being. But this is often not the case.  Instead, health plans are challenged by siloed data, individualized solutions, latent business process operationalization and disconnected tools. These truths put America’s healthcare cure at risk.

New Approaches, Vital Interventions

By breaking down these barriers America’s healthcare system can transform.  This aspiration is attainable when payers, providers and members goals are aligned and empowered.  When point solutions and siloed data are exchanged for real-time member insights powered by an innovative, data-science driven approach. Only then can healthcare’s chronic faults be cured.  

The Vital Nature of Affinitē™ 

Realizing these chronic breakdowns and frustrated by broken promises, we decided to innovate.  The result: one seamlessly integrated platform, we call Affinitē. It unifies five vital business processes and is deployed as an end-to-end cloud-based solution or distinct modules.

Infinite Alignment 

Affinitē does what no other platform can do. It aligns payers, providers and members with a singular data foundation powered by algorithms and advanced analytics embedded with HEDIS® and risk logic.  The platform is open and flexible allowing data science discoveries to be operationalized in real-time. This approach empowers daily decisions by risk stratifying and prioritizing work queues, instead of relying on latent data artifacts.  

The cure for America’s healthcare crisis resides in the infinite alignment of stakeholders, systems and data.  An approach enabling every ecosystem member to act on insights for improved clinical and financial outcomes.  Explore Affinitē at

Discover The Power of Affinitē™

The smart solution to healthcare challenges.

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