Why Choosing a HEDIS® Vendor that NCQA Has Not Required to Recertify Quality Measures Is Critical

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Every health plan understands the importance of performing and scoring well on NCQA’s HEDIS® quality measures.  But what many executives and quality leaders may not realize, is the havoc measure recertification can have on their quality management process if NCQA requires their vendor to recertify one or more measures.

What Happens When NCQA Requires HEDIS Quality Management Vendors To Recertify?

NCQA’s Measure Certification program validates the integrity of the software code that produces results for each measure. Historically, many HEDIS® certified vendors were required to recertify as many as 9 key measures in their quality management products, such as well child visits (W15), and antibiotic utilization (ABX).  

When these discoveries are made, health plans also have to make unforeseen adjustments to their quality processes and programs.  This can be even more time-consuming for health plans who host quality-management software on-premise. For these plans, they must allocate unbudgeted technical resources to re-update the software every time NCQA requires the vendor to re-certify a measure(s).

Consider Affinitē Quality as a Reliable Alternative for HEDIS® Management and Compliance

Having to address technical for HEDIS vendors required to recertify mid-year can be troublesome.  More and more health plans are moving to Affinitē Quality due to key differentiators like: 

  • Never being required to recertify any quality measures by NCQA throughout the 7 years the solution has received certification.
  • Automatic updates native to the Cloud-based solution aligned with NCQA’s measure changes by  clinical and quality practitioners and HEDIS® experts.
  • Built-in, real-time “Quality Scorecard” enables plans to know “where you stand” on every measure, year-round using real-time score data
  • Easy-to-use and highly customizable, end-to-end HEDIS® solution
  • Fully certified by NCQA for HEDIS 2020 and certified by NCQA since 2014
  • Historical recording of previous HEDIS year results for reporting, trending, and analysis
  • Custom submission files to meet any federal or state-specific requirements

These are just a few of the ways Affinitē Quality makes your work during “HEDIS season” less stressful.   because you have the assurance that all measures – including all hybrid measures – are up-to-date in your HEDIS reporting platform.

It’s comforting to know the solution did not require any recertifications for any measures for the prior 6 years in which Vital Data Technology has received certification from the body.

Want to learn more?

Evolve to real-time score performance insights and micro-targeted care gap closure Affinitē Quality. Our team will share with you how this and many other capabilities positively impact your quality management process to achieve higher scores and improve outcomes.

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